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20 September 1988
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so their link was in CLOCK TOWN. just enjoying his time and stopping robbers from robbing old ladies when a familiar voice was heard.


link moved around and thats when he see tingle. tingle had a greedy lushious look attached to his face. link looked down and he then notice the big bulge tingle was sporting inside of his tight sweaty pants. tingle began to rub it profoundly. link was inside shock. he could not believe what is happening before him. before link could wish to object tingle grabbed link's shoulders and tingle's red balloon inflated, taking link and himself into the air to preform his sexual acts. tingles grip let go of link and motioned to take of his sweaty pants. link was forced to hold on to tingle because they were in the air so high that if he fell he would be dead. tingle removed his bands and link gasped like he never gasped before. tingle's cock was a foot long, a hairy beast with many vein's wider and thinker than any other cock he's seen before. tingle had a look of lust in his both eyes as his lips met links.